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Three Unique Features With Our Affiliate Program That Others Does Not Have:

  • Multi-Program
  • Performance Rewards
  • IP and Cookies Lock

Multi-Tier Program

Unlike other affiliate program, you can also find affiliate for yourself. See diagram below.


 Old Version Affiliate Program


A, B and C are affilates who help selling our products and they get commision from sales they created. In old version, the system is like above diagram which is only one level affilate. It means your commision will be solely from your own effort in creating sales.

Our affiliate program is different. Take a look diagram below.


OUR Version Affiliate Program


Our affiliate program is multi-tier system. Suppose you are B who apply direct affilate to us, you can then find other people who can join your affilate program. And if they create sales, you earn commisions. You can find unlimited affiliate for yourself and also your affiliate can find affiliate for them.

Our multi-tier system is up to 5 depth. Suppose all affiliates in level 5 create sales, you and your other affiliate below you all 4 levels will get commisions.

What does it mean? Your commision will no longer solely from your sales, but also from your affiliate and your affiliate's affiliate. Hence this could be so powerful. Perhaps your first hard work is to find affiliates directly below you and then they will find affiliates for themself in your network.

After you signup, you will be given login detail to your control panel where you can find all tools to promote our product. You will also be able to see your network, commision graph, traffic, etc, etc. So you will be in complete control.

Performance Rewards

Another key feature in our affiliate program is performance rewars. And it is not hard to achieve it.

When you can deliver 10 sales within a month, your commission will be increased to level 2 and you will get more percentage commission from sales created in that month.

The detail can be seen in your control panel when you join.

IP and Cookies Lock

When someone click link from your website to our website, our affiliate software will track that traffic via IP and Cookies lock.

Other affiliate program mostly only have cookies lock. Cookies are used for affiliate tracking so that the software will know where the traffic comes from (i.e from you). If cookies are deleted, or if the browser is set to private browsing, everytime they exit browser, the cookies are deleted and no affiliate are tracked. Thus you will loose commissions if user buy products.

In our affiliate software, we lock not only cookies but also IP address. Even the cookies are deleted, we still have IP record. IP cannot be deleted because IP address means where the identification from a computer that is attached to internet. So it is like your address. And that cannot be changed unless you are moving home or changing internet provider. 

Hence if user does not decide to purchase product and would like to purchase later, you will not loose commissions. 

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